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There was only one change, to fix a major bug in EmuDesk: if a desktop shortcut for a file/folder was dragged to the trash or a disk icon or an open window, then all the folders at the same level as the selected file/folder were included in the operation, causing unwanted deletes/moves/copies.

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2017-12-14

EmuTOS 0.9.9

Major changes:
- AES: Allow mouse cursors to be loaded at boot time
- EmuDesk: Add 'Desktop configuration' dialog
- EmuDesk: Allow configuration of window/desktop backgrounds
- EmuDesk: Allow desktop window file mask to be specified
- EmuDesk: Omit unused desktop menu items
- EmuDesk: Open new window with Alt+doubleclick on folder
- General: Automatically build snapshot releases when a commit is pushed
- VDI: Add blitter support for horizontal line drawing
- VDI: Add blitter support for filled rectangle drawing
- VDI: Add blitter support for raster graphics

Posted by Roger Burrows 2017-12-12

EmuTOS 0.9.8

Major changes:
- Amiga: New boot floppy target
- Amiga: Rewrite floppy routines
- Amiga: Support multiple video modes
- BIOS: Autodetect IDE interface with twisted cable at run-time
- EmuDesk: Add support for desktop shortcuts
- EmuDesk: Add support for formatting floppies
- EmuDesk: Add support for user-assignable desktop icons

Posted by Roger Burrows 2017-04-27

EmuTOS version 0.9.7

Major changes:
- BIOS: add support for extended MBR partitions
- BIOS: add support for MonSTer board
- BIOS: configure & size ST-RAM on TT
- BIOS: add support for Eiffel on CAN bus on ColdFire EVB
- BIOS: add 5MS cookie to support FreeMiNT on non-Atari hardware
- BIOS: add support for Apollo Core 68080
- BDOS: set archive flag when file is created/modified
- EmuDesk: allow disk delete via desktop File menu item
- EmuDesk: implement desktop 'Install devices'
- EmuDesk: implement desktop 'Install icon'
- EmuDesk: implement desktop 'Remove desktop icon'
- EmuDesk: rewrite 'Install application'
- EmuCON2: provide a standalone version of EmuCON2

Posted by Roger Burrows 2016-11-17

EmuTOS version 0.9.6

Major changes:
- AES: fix pattern problem in window title line
- AES: prevent crash when NVDI is installed
- BDOS: fix bug: memory allocated by a TSR could be freed
- BDOS: implement etv_term()
- BIOS: clean up pending IRQ from flopunlk(), fixes some ACSI problems
- BIOS: clear data cache after DMA read, fixes ACSI problem on TT
- BIOS: do not clear the free ST-RAM on startup
- BIOS: enable MIDI input
- BIOS: initialise DMA sound matrix on Falcon
- BIOS: fix Flopxxx XBIOS calls to work with FastRAM
- BIOS: fix floppy motor-on problem during initialisation
- BIOS: fix memory bank detection to work on ST and STe
- BIOS: prevent reset vector being called on cold reset
- EmuCON2: add 'mode' command
- EmuCON2: fix EmuCON crash if system call is intercepted
- EmuDesk: allow TT desktop to select TT medium res
- EmuDesk: fix bug: copy/move could target the wrong folder
- EmuDesk: fix display of numeric values in desktop dialogs
- EmuDesk: fix rubber-banding for text-mode desktop windows
- EmuDesk: hide Shutdown if the machine can't shutdown
- EmuDesk: improve desktop move performance by using rename if possible
- EmuDesk: change menu bar to be more like Atari TOS
- General: fix EmuTOS to run on real TT hardware
- General: merge boot.prg + ramtos.img into emutos.prg
- VDI: fully implement VDI support for TT video... read more

Posted by Roger Burrows 2016-05-21

EmuTOS version 0.9.5

Major changes:
- AES/BIOS: implement critical error handler
- BDOS: fix file not found issues with Steem hard disk emulation
- BDOS: implement Pexec mode 7
- BIOS: add alt-arrow support (mouse actions via keyboard)
- BIOS: add dual keyboard support (for Greek/Russian keyboards)
- BIOS: allow user to specify boot partition at startup
- BIOS: allow EmuTOS to recover from program exceptions in user programs
- BIOS: auto-detect multiple IDE interfaces
- BIOS: fix detection of C: drive with Steem
- BIOS: fix early stack initialization on Amiga
- EmuDesk: improve text object alignment for translated strings
- VDI: add line-A flood fill; all line-A opcodes are now supported... read more

Posted by Roger Burrows 2015-10-25

EmuTOS version 0.9.4

Major changes:
- Compile with -O2 by default for best optimization.
- New emutos-m548x-bas variant to support BaS_gcc on ColdFire Evaluation Boards.
- Less RAM usage: 94 kB saved from previous release.
- EmuDesk: Added feature to display text files.
- EmuDesk: Added feature to move files/folders with Control key.

Other changes:
- Renamed the emutos-m548x variant to emutos-m548x-dbug to avoid confusion.
- BIOS: Fixed floppy drive motor remaining on if there was no floppy.
- BIOS: Do not disable IKBD mouse and joystick on startup.
- BIOS: Added basepage information in panic messages.
- BIOS: Added missing standard ST glyphs from the 6x6 system font.
- BIOS: Fixed _FDC cookie initialization.
- BIOS: Improved floppy routines and media change detection.
- BIOS: Fixed application cartridge initialization address on 32-bit address bus.
- BIOS: Limit IDE interfaces to 1 for non-Firebee hardware.
- BDOS: Check for special device names in Fopen() and Fcreate().
- BDOS: Do not check Fopen() mode (R,W,RW) in Fread()/Fwrite() - just like Atari TOS.
- BDOS: Fixed file date/time incorrectly changed by a cross-directory rename.
- VDI: Select right default fonts, according to vertical screen resolution.
- VDI: Fixed aspect ratio values returned by v_opnwk().
- VDI: Fixed crash due to text blit outside screen area.
- VDI: Fixed v_pieslice() & v_ellpie() which did not draw small slices.
- VDI: Fixed vqt_extent() output for 270° rotation.
- VDI: Fixed vst_rotation() to behave like TOS3/TOS4.
- AES: Improved File Selector.
- AES: Make most dialogs inner border 1-pixel wide.
- AES: Fixed bug that caused accessories to stop responding after a few resolution changes.
- AES: Fixed alert buttons which could overlap icons.
- AES: Fixed 7up hang on exit.
- EmuDesk: Always display file/folder countdown when copying/deleting.
- EmuDesk: Improved error messages.
- EmuDesk: The total number of items in all open windows is no longer limited to 400.
- EmuDesk: Allow desktop copy/delete operations to be interrupted by UNDO key.
- EmuDesk: Increase horizontal spacing for window icons in some resolutions.
- EmuDesk: Fixed the width of the menu items in all languages.
- EmuCON: 'type/cat' can now display correctly files with UNIX line endings.
- EmuCON: Added 'more' command.
- EmuCON: Allow the user to interrupt 'cp/mv' commands.
- Lots of various improvements and bugfixes.

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2015-03-06

EmuTOS version 0.9.3

This release is almost identical to the 0.9.2 one.
Only emutos-aranym has been updated to fix a regression with IDE disk images.

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2015-03-06

EmuTOS version 0.9.2

A new version of EmuTOS is available:
- Added most Line-A functions.
- Added support for poweroff on the FireBee.
- Added support for SD/MMC Cards on FireBee, including hot swap.
- Improved IDE and CompactFlash support.
- Added support for the FireBee external 2"1/2 IDE connector.
- Improved ACSI support (including SCSI via converter).
- Fixed compatibility with fVDI (including aranym.sys).
- Fixed intermittent problems booting emutos-ram.
- Improved determination of disk capacity & blocksize.
- Improved detection of FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32 partitions.
- Improved media change detection.
- Improved XHDI support.
- Handle all valid DOS FAT end-of-chain markers.
- Speed up a few VDI functions.
- Fixed AES PATH environment variable and shel_find().
- Fixed AES shel_find()/rsrc_load() search order, like TOS3/TOS4.
- Fixed AES sh_ldapp() application directory.
- Fixed AES appl_trecord() & appl_tplay().

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2014-02-21

EmuTOS version 0.9.1

A new version of EmuTOS is available:
- Added support for the ColdFire Evaluation Boards.
- Added 256 colour support for VIDEL systems.
- Added new EmuCON2, with TAB completion.
- Added support for renaming folders.
- Added the XBIOS DMA sound functions.
- Included the full-featured desktop in 192K ROMs.
- Fixed regression: FOLDR100 message on Malloc() memory exhausted.
- Improved filesystem performance.
- Added new firebee-ram target.
- Improved desktop file copy performance.
- Improved boot speed on machines with Fast RAM.
- Fixed stack issue to allow running XaAES with GEM=ROM.
- Fixed endless loop if zero divide on ColdFire.
- Fixed compilation for m68k-elf toolchain with -g.
- Added XHMiNTInfo to the XHDI handler.
- Combined file and folder information dialogs.
- Combined copy and delete desktop dialogs.
- Added support for redirecting console I/O to the serial port.
- Automatically centre desktop dialog titles.
- Reduced ROM space usage by rewriting or eliminating many routines.
- Changed icon display in desktop windows to eliminate horizontal scrolling.
- Fixed vq_chcells().
- Added support for 256 colours on desktop.
- Fixed XHInqDriver().
- Fixed mkrom.c for 64-bit build systems.
- Many internal code fixes and cleanups.

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2013-07-03

EmuTOS version 0.9.0

A new version of EmuTOS is available:
- Added support for real Falcon 030 hardware with EmuTOS-RAM.
- Added support for Amiga hardware (including WinUAE and Blizzard 1260).
- Enabled internal IDE support for all machines, including Falcon.
- Added support for hard disks with Atari or PC partition tables (or none).
- Fixed floppy support for DD and HD drives.
- Improved media change detection.
- Added support for Falcon and TT SCC serial port.
- Many file selector improvements, including drive buttons.
- Fixed support for Hatari extended VDI screens.
- Use the default boot video mode if the NVRAM value is unsupported.
- Center the welcome screen vertically.
- Fixed the welcome screen key repeat bug when booting FreeMiNT.
- Changed GEM alerts to conform to standard TOS alert line length.
- Always center dialogs, even with high resolutions.
- Implemented fsel_exinput(), now appl_init() returns AES version as 1.40.
- Fixed vq_color() & vs_color() for systems with VIDEL.
- Fixed v_contourfill() with negative index.
- Fixed crash with BIOS/XBIOS functions numbers >32767.
- Fixed Mediach() return value when there is no floppy.
- Fixed the return value of VIDEL XBIOS functions when there is no VIDEL.
- Fixed latent bug in blkdev_rwabs() when transferring >32767 sectors.
- Added Bconmap() support.
- Fixed Rsconf() return value.
- Fixed Setscreen() to clear the screen on video mode change.
- Protobt(): added new disk types and fix checksum & serial number.
- Flopfmt(): added support for the skew array introduced in TOS 1.04.
- Fixed swapping of Bcostat() for IKBD and MIDI.
- Fixed Falcon palette initialisation.
- Enabled again Mega ST clock support in 192 kB ROMs.
- Enabled the STOP instruction usage to free the host CPU in 192 kB ROMs, too.
- Enabled instruction cache, data cache and MMU on 68030.
- Fixed _SWI cookie to set high order bytes to zeros.
- Added FOLDRxxx.PRG message when internal OS memory is exhausted.
- Consistent cold/warm reset behaviour.
- Fixed EmuCON MV command to move rather than copy.
- Changed Greece country code from 18 to 31 to match the FreeMiNT standard.
- Added internal gem.rsc and icon.rsc files, with resource decompilers.
- Many internal bugfixes and cleanups.
- Added compilation support for the m68k-elf toolchain.
- Added debug symbols for Hatari in etos512.sym.

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2013-02-28

EmuTOS version 0.8.7

A new version of EmuTOS is available:
- Added full XBIOS support for Falcon and TT video hardware
- New video mode switching dialog box for Falcon and TT
- New EmuTOS variant on ROM-port cartridge
- New UK country and keyboard layout with PAL frequency
- Added potential support for non-Atari hardware
- Fixed wrong keyboard layout read from the NVRAM
- Fixed bogus _AKP cookie values
- Fixed _IDT cookie with unique language ROMs
- Use the _IDT date ordering in the default desktop
- Fixed the _SND cookie to remove unsupported bits (0.8.6 regression)
- Added support for XHDI XHNewCookie()
- Added minimal stub Blitmode()
- Fixed floprw() to be able to read multiple sectors
- Return function number rather than zero for unimplemented (x)bios calls
- Fixed VDI polygon fill
- Fixed VDI line drawing in transparent mode
- Fixed VDI to draw text underlines & perimeters in the correct colour
- Fixed VDI text scaling
- Fixed VDI line styles and arrows for thin line arcs/ellarcs
- Fixed AES sh_addpath() when there was no PATH variable
- Increased allowed number of desk accessories from 3 to 6
- Allowed up to 7 windows on the desktop
- Fixed the desktop to use "view as icons" by default
- Fixed random character at the end of desktop "view as text" lines
- Fixed alerts with no icon and a single text line
- Changed desktop alerts to conform to the limit of 32 characters per line
- Fixed the version displayed in the desktop about box for translated ROMs
- Workaround against GFA startup crash
- New erd tool for converting binary resources to source files
- New mkrom tool to build custom ROM formats
- A lot of other minor bugfixes and cleanups

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2012-06-19

EmuTOS version 0.8.6

A new version of EmuTOS is available:
- Support for FAT16 partitions up to 2 GB
- Support for the ColdFire V4e CPU (allows running ColdFire TOS programs only)
- Support for the FireBee computer
- Experimental Falcon IDE driver (currently only enabled on the FireBee)
- LMC1992 initialization on STe/TT
- Better memory detection on cold boot
- Fixed the XBIOS time functions for the various hardware clocks
- Key repeat now produces key clicks
- Improved the register dump when a program crashes
- VFAT long filenames are now safely ignored
- Support for drives from A: to Z:
- Malloc() now returns blocks aligned on 4-byte for better performance
- The BIOS console now supports the 256-color modes (but the VDI still doesn't)
- The text cursor does not blink when it moves
- Fixed the STe BIOS default palette
- Fixed the VDI default palette
- Fixed the VDI functions for drawing arrows
- Better searching for RSC files
- Added desktop support for GTP executables
- Desktop windows can be scrolled using arrow keys
- Better initial icon placement on the default desktop
- Fixed the position and size of the windows when reloading the desktop
- Allow resolution switching in ST color modes
- Fixed the BCD build date in the ROM header to DDMMYYYY format
- The 192 KB ROMs are provided again
- The special ARAnyM, FireBee, floppy and RAM versions are now provided
- Support for compilation using GCC 4.6.x
- New languages: Russian and Italian
- A lot of other minor bugfixes and cleanups

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2011-11-08

EmuTOS version 0.8.5

A new version of EmuTOS is available:
- Timeout on boot removed - hold <Shift> if you miss it
- Show boot splash screen on coldstart only
- Some GEMDOS bug fixes (e.g. double "." directory bug) and code improvements
- Some VDI bug fixes (e.g. bit-blit function, mouse init)
- Fixed Getrez() for TT shifter resolutions
- New CPUFLAGS Make variable to allow easy compilation for a specific CPU
- Fixed writing to floppy on real STe hardware
- XBIOS floppy functions now return errors codes in full 32 bits of d0
- EmuCON does not show the volume label during the DIR command anymore

Posted by Thomas Huth 2010-05-09

EmuTOS version 0.8.4

Version 0.8.4 of the Atari TOS replacement EmuTOS has been released. Following items have been fixed/improved:
- RTC detection fixed
- Return code problem of Dsetdrv fixed
- Experimental UART functions
- _SND cookie is now correctly initialized on STE
- BIOS parallel port code fixed
- EmuCON bug fixes and improvements

Posted by Thomas Huth 2008-11-16

EmuTOS version 0.8.3

EmuTOS version 0.8.3 has been released. Changes since last release:

- Support for the PUN_INFO structure for block devices

- Bugfixes in the i18n functions

- The VDI function v_clrwk() has been fixed

- Improved VDI color palette functions

- The standard etos512k.img can now also be used on Aranym
(no more special build required)

- EmuTOS can now be compiled with GCC 4.2, too (not very well tested though)... read more

Posted by Thomas Huth 2008-02-07

EmuTOS version 0.8.2 released

After a long time without new release, EmuTOS 0.8.2 has now been released to the public. This release brings you various fixes and small improvements that have gathered during the past two years:

- Mouse wheel direction is now Milan compatible.

- Updated Finnish translation.

- GEMDOS Pexec mode 50 PE_RELOCATE defined- it gets raw TOS executable data and relocates it as if it was loaded normally.... read more

Posted by Thomas Huth 2007-04-11

EmuTOS 0.8.1

EmuTOS version 0.8.1 has been released. This version fixes some annoying bugs from the 0.8 release (e.g. window dragging did not work some times), and includes now a Finnish translation and keyboard mapping support.

Posted by Thomas Huth 2005-09-18

EmuTOS version 0.8 released

We are happy to announce a new public release of EmuTOS:

EmuTOS 0.8 --- May 30th, 2005


EmuTOS is a single-user single-tasking operating system for the 32 bit Atari
computers and emulators. It can be used as a replacement for the TOS images
typically needed today for using emulators and it is also running on some
real hardware, like the Atari Mega STE. All the source code is open and
free, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).... read more

Posted by Thomas Huth 2005-05-30

Second Beta Release of EmuTOS

Dear Atari Community!

We are happy to announce the second beta release of EmuTOS.


EmuTOS is a singleuser singletasking operating system for the 32 bit Atari
computer emulators. It is thought as a replacement for the TOS-images you
usually need today for using emulators and it is also running on some real
hardware, like the Atari Mega STE. All is open and maybe it is also running
on totally new machines in the future.... read more

Posted by Martin Döring 2002-08-21

First Beta Release of EmuTOS

Dear Atari Community!

We are happy to announce the first beta release of EmuTOS.


EmuTOS is a singleuser singletasking operating system for the 32 bit Atari
computer emulators. It is thought as a replacement for the TOS-images you
usually need today for using emulators and it is also running on some real
hardware, like the Atari Mega STE. All is open and maybe it is also running
on totally new machines in the future.... read more

Posted by Martin Döring 2002-01-31

EmuTOS has harddisk support


I'm proud to present you the EmuTOS harddisk support. See, what Petr the developer said about this:

I just commited a much cleaned up code that does the bus scanning. It scans for all available drives on ACSI, SCSI and also IDE interfaces. If
a drive is found it is scanned for partitions and all partitions are added. GEM and BGM partitions are also added to the drvbits.

I also added two XHDI functions that I needed for disk scanning. More XHDI fns will follow soon and at one moment I'll add the XHDI cookie and
MiNT filesystem drivers can start working...... read more

Posted by Martin Döring 2002-01-28

EmuTOS Release 011023 out

You can now download the first public release of EmuTOS. It is still very alpha. But it may be enough for some testing with STonX.

Posted by Martin Döring 2001-10-23

New video driver

There is a new fast asm coded bconout function. It supports most of the things we missed, like cursor, invers video, different modes... It is nearly the original atari's driver. And there are some bugs... ;-)

Posted by Martin Döring 2001-10-10

You want to help?

EmuTOS is a very young project. We try to create a free TOS compatible OS for to let it run on Atari ST emulators of all kinds. In the moment it is just tested on SToNX. We could need help at the following points:

- implement XBIOS calls
- implement screen handling better and in assembler
- one should not have to type "make clean ; make" each time one changes a file.
- would be nice, if .o files would be in archived libs for each subdir
- add argument specifications in function prototypes
- merge identical headers, and put them all in an include directory
- cleaning function prototypes, checking compiler warnings.
- complete vt52 console, in low, med, high rez.
- low-level floppy support (rwabs, booting a floppy)... read more

Posted by Martin Döring 2001-09-29
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